La Chair des Forêts

musée zadkine

100 bis, rue d'Assas - 75006 paris - france
04/01/2010 - 09/12/2010

It is in a haven of greenery, hidden from the street, that Zadkine had installed his house, which has now become a museum to his glory. Each year, the permanent collection gives some presentation of contemporary artists.

The Chinese sculptor Wang Keping has installed his smooth and sensual woods, which close to some of Zadkine’s sculptures (hence the great idea of mixing them in the permanent collection rooms), offer a most astonishing presentation. Not only for the two artists by the use of the wood as their source of inspiration.

The works of Wang Keping, consisting mainly of wood carvings, is striking by its singularity and authenticity. Primitive by its themes which renew with the oldest archetypes in the representation, but also extremely refined in its plastic composition. Wang Keping would perfectly apply the beautiful formula of “plastic tenderness” that the art critic Maurice Raynal had invented, for Zadkine, in 1920.

Wang Keping, solo exhibition 2010 : La chair des forêts, Musée Zadkine Paris
photo : Michel Lunardelli

exhibition's view