stars forever stars

10 chancery lane gallery

G/F, 10 Chancery Lane, SoHo, Central - Hong-Kong
03/14/2019 - 05/11/2019

On the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of one of the pivotal events in Chinese art history, the 1979 STARS EXHIBITION (星星 美展), 10 Chancery Lane Gallery presents a celebration in 3-parts with 3 exhibitions by the main leaders and protagonists Wang Keping, Ma Desheng and Huang Rui throughout the year of 2019. With a special STARS Kabinett at ART BASEL Hong Kong dedicated to the art and ideas that highlight the event as a turning point for artists across China that opened the doors towards free artistic expression liberated from the confines of communist orthodoxy. The first exhibition at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery will feature sculptor Wang Keping who will premier his latest works of wood sculptures at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery in an exhibition entitled STARS WILL FOREVER BE STARS by WANG KEPING and Art Basel HK showing recent works along with a rare glimpse of his controversial STARS EXHIBITION work SILENCE.

In this exhibition Couple 2008, Maple wood, highlights the beastly forms that the natural elements of the wood with its knots and protrusions embodying the primal passion between the couple in embrace. Where Elles-Ailes 2011, Birch wood, playing on the French words Woman-Wings is a work that integrates the ideas of balance, a concept that Wang Keping uses to display forms within forms – three rounds within a rectangle create a perfect balance and symmetry – while the small slash on the side make the abstraction into a woman. La Femme Qui Regarde Derrière (Woman who is Looking Back) 2017, Cedar, is a work that Wang utilizes the various branches of the wood within the work to create the woman and, cleverly, with the natural knot suggesting an eye and her regard backwards, we feel the artist’s ironic humor, which is a prevalent thread throughout his work and career.

Wang Keping, solo exhibition 2019 : 10 Chancery Lane gallery

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